Pet Dander

Benefits of HEPA Filters for Allergies

Pet Dander

Pet Dander

There’s more to air pollution than what comes out of your car or the factory across town.  What about the stuff that generates inside your house?  There is mold, dust, pet dander, and other pollutants that start in your house and can cause serious health risks, especially if you have asthma or allergies.  The good news is that using a HEPA filter can bring some relief to an otherwise harmful situation.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are a kind of mechanical air filter that traps these harmful particles inside the mesh.  It works by forcing the air in your home through the filter, thus cycling the air around your home and cleaning it out in the process.  Many of these are inside your HVAC unit, although if you don’t have the luxury of a central air conditioning and heating unit, you can still get single-room air filters and place these through your home.

Now, here’s one thing that needs to be addressed that most places won’t tell you: your ducts need cleaned periodically as well.  Think about it: your air gets forced through a filter into the duct system in your home.  The filter cleans out most of the air, but not all of it.  Over time, the air that isn’t clean continues to build up dust and debris throughout the duct system.  There is also a risk of rodents and other debris throughout your ducts.  When the air is filtering through the system, it’s now polluting your home while you feel like it should be cleaning the air.

As long as you’re using high rated filters and you’ve got decently clean ducts, however, you’re in the best possible shape.  Other things you can do is get a vacuum with a HEPA filter built in.  These will trap the dust and particulates that are around the inside of your home in the filter and will help you win with a multi pronged approach to your pollution combating war.  This is a very important step, as much of the debris that is in your home is no longer floating through the air.

Other suggested tips for keeping your allergies and asthma in check:

  • Replace your carpets with laminate or wood.
  • Keep your pets outside as much as possible, and if not, keep them away from where you sleep
  • Change your sheets and other bedding frequently
  • Vacuum as frequently as possible
  • Replace your curtains with shades, or have your curtains cleaned frequently
  • Use high quality filters in your home.



Clean Air Standards Create Jobs

air-pollution-smoke-stacksThe most important thing we can do when it comes to our world is protect it. This is the goal of The Clean Air Project. However, many people and businesses get upset when the EPA releases new standards that have to be met. They say that this takes away jobs, makes things tougher, etc.

However, recent studies show that this actually increases jobs:

We have over 40 years of evidence that shows clean air standards don’t cripple our economy but, in fact, create jobs through innovations in technology and in other sectors.

Because the EPA is pushing for more stringent standards, this creates new jobs in the technology fields, manufacturing, etc.  The benefits are both fiscal and environmental.

Even Bloomberg agrees that the economic impact of cleaner air is positive for any economy.  This is great news.  We need the EPA to continue to become more strict on their standards.

From the EPA:

  • More than forty years of experience with the Clean Air Act has shown that America can build its economy and create jobs while cutting pollution to protect the health of our citizens and our workforce.
  • Between 1970 and 2011, aggregate emissions of common air pollutants dropped 68 percent, while the U.S. gross domestic product grew 212 percent.  Total private sector jobs increased by 88 percent during the same period.
  • One reason that environmental protection and a healthy economy can go hand in hand is that the money spent on reducing pollution does not disappear.  It goes to companies that design, build, install, maintain and operate pollution-reducing processes and equipment.  The contribution of the pollutant control industry to overall U.S. economic activity and growth should not be overlooked.
  • Environmental costs are a small percentage of industry revenues. According to 2005 data from U.S. manufacturers, their total pollution abatement spending represented less than one percent of the $4.74 trillion value of the goods they shipped.  The abatement costs include capital and operating costs for all pollution controls, not just those related to clean air. Air pollution control is responsible for less than half of these costs.

What are your thoughts on cleaner air with the economy?  Leave a comment below.


Solar Panels: A Clean Air Energy Alternative

solarpanelsandsunResearchers say that the earth soaks up enough solar power from the sun in one day to power the world for a year. Unlike fossil fuels and gas, this energy is considered sustainable since it’s going to be there for as long as the sun is burning (for another 5 billion years). While we will definitely lack petroleum and other unrefined oils, we wont be lacking solar power anytime soon.

Appraisers have revealed that for each $1 a homeowner spends to save money on their electrical costs the value of their home improves $10 to $25. A solar energy system can maintain of value to your home particularly in the very first 15 years of their service. The beauty is, that panels are expected to last 30 years or even more. You’ll not only get the benefits yourself, but you’ll also stick out as being one of the only green homes in your area.

This can be a HUGE SELLING POINT! Solar panels can work for you. All you need is sunlight! Even on cloudy days the panels will take in enough light to make enough electrical power for your home. When installed properly, they will get the maximum amount of electricity from the sun. Did you understand that every 4 minutes a brand-new solar panel system is being set up on residential homes? By the year 2016 that number is anticipated to alter to every 40 seconds. The alternative energy choice is all yours to make. Change to solar energy. Make the choice and find out even more about solar panels today before conventional energy resources are squandered.

With contamination reaching epidemic levels and prices of nonrenewable fuel sources going through the roof, it’s essential we act now to find clean, sustainable energy.  A solar system is just amongst the many forms of energy we need to be buying. With it, we can power our cities without producing even more contamination or relying on fuels which will inescapably be reduced. Spread the word about solar power and the benefits it has and let’s leave our kids an earth we can be proud of.